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Emerging Leaders Program

Remote Internship

For College Students 
Young Professionals

Applications open April 1st - August 16th

Program dates: Sept 9th 2024 - May 17th 2025

Why Intern With COS?


Training Leaders
  Transform America 

The people of the United States face an ever-expanding government exceeding the original bounds of the Constitution. Our nation crumbles under widespread tyranny, burdensome regulation, and a swelling national debt.
We need students who aspire to be statesmen and leaders in this struggle for self-governance. If you are a student or a recent graduate, step up, sign your name among the leaders of American patriots, and apply to be a part of the Emerging Leaders Program.

Emerging Leaders Program Mission Statement:

"Inspiring young men and women to be strong, virtuous citizens who will serve their generation as leaders preserving liberty, defending truth, and promoting justice."

Earn Experience Working Directly with One of Our National Team Members

Weekly time commitment: 15-25 hours 
$10 minimum hourly rate 

Internship Positions

Internship Positions


Intern works to complete tasks related to event planning, store merchandising, HR, and more. This position offers valuable one-on-one mentoring and first-hand experience in how organizations are operated efficiently and effectively.


A legislative intern assists the legislative department by being responsible for data entry including gathering contact information, inputting election results, and administering requests for the legislative department. The legislative intern assists the Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs and the Legislative Associate in other ways they deem appropriate and necessary for the organization's success.


This position provides an intern with a unique opportunity in the creative aspect of our communications department. The Communications team works in collaboration with other departments to inform, enhance, and protect the grassroots movement internally and externally. Interns are tasked with a variety of admin spreadsheets, Article V presentations, graphic design, and social media projects.

Social Media

Social media interns will work on social media strategies, gain experience interviewing and being comfortable in front of a camera, create content, and track data. This is a very engaging position that has a balance of administrative and interactive work for our communications department.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design interns help to create and manage any marketing material that is 

needed for social media and the communications department in general. This position requires a baseline understanding of Graphic design and the use of Adobe products such as Photoshop. 

Human Resources 

External Relations and Fundraising

Work with development officers to research donors and prepare fundraising campaigns. Interns are also tasked with contacting donors and administrative tasks for processing and organizing donations.

Data Analysis

The Data Analysts at COS collect and study data from various databases and other sources in order to answer key questions about performance across the organization. The Data Intern assists in collecting key data and can learn to analyze it using various tools, methods, and automation.

Regional Director (grassroots)

Intern will work with a Regional Director by growing leadership & training state teams, working on legislative progress, facilitating administrative projects, and engaging in grassroots growth in the respective region.

Grassroots Leadership

Responsible for providing support to activists in their efforts to advance the COS mission. Some projects include calling new and potential supporters, providing leadership, guidance, and direction to a nationwide team of volunteer activists, and collecting + analyzing election data.

Block Walking Coordination

Interns are tasked with developing and executing a strategy for grassroots activism, recruiting, and training. This involves building teams across the country and helping train leaders to be effective grassroots activists with block walking projects.


In the tech department interns are tasked with various jobs pertaining to backend software and tech work for the organization, helping staff solve tech issues with their computers, logging into various sites, learning and teaching the programs used by COS. 

The HR intern is primarily tasked with recruiting and screening candidates, keeping up with employee engagement and activities, and researching best practices for the department's efficiency.

Holistic Development

Leadership and Personal Development

You will be immersed in a discussion-based course examining the key principles of Servant Leadership by Dave Kuhnert. Led by the intern coordinators and featuring speakers from the COS Mentoring department, these discussions will teach you how to integrate the concepts of servant leadership into your everyday life.


Through a series of lectures and hands-on projects, you will learn how to improve your professional portfolio like your resume, cover letter, and interview skills. Part of your training will include a series of mock interviews with national staff members with years of experience to equip you for a budding career.

Western Civilization

A key portion of the development aspect of the Emerging Leaders Program is a study of the history of Western Civilization. This knowledge is key to understanding and defending the founding principles of the United States of America. Interns will read Aristotle, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Martin Luther, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke, among others. These discussions will delve into monumental ideas such as justice, law, flattery, liberty, tradition, and authority, and their role in a political society.


The latter half of the development portion of the ELP consists of discussing a series of case studies of numerous American statesmen. We will read about James Madison, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and others and assess how we can learn from their approach to politics and apply those lessons to the modern American political landscape.

Constitutional Development 

Early in the program, you will learn about the founding origins of the American Constitution through the Patriot Academy Constitution Alive! course. Through video lectures and group discussion, this training will equip you with the knowledge you need to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution from modern attacks.

Weekly Structure

Throughout the program, interns engage with the ELP leadership biweekly for a one-hour Zoom call to discuss the curriculum; but more importantly, dive into some personal development by talking about your life, your goals, your Transcendent There, and how to navigate the rough waters of life to best fulfill your calling. 

Interns also engage in a two-hour weekly call with the whole group to discuss in detail the curriculum for that week. The goal of this call is to come together and share ideas about how to better ourselves through the practice of self-governance for the purpose of growing our leadership and sharpening our worldview. 

Meet the team!


Donate directly to the Emerging Leaders Program! Scan the QR code or click the link below! 

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