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Emerging Leaders Program

 Convention of States Internship

Fully Remote & Designed for College Students and Young Professionals
Application Deadline - August 20
Internship dates: September 12th 2022 - May 19th 2023 

Why Intern With COS?

Apply to be an Intern with Convention of States

Apply to be an Intern with Convention of States

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Training Leaders to Transform America 

The people of the United States face an ever-expanding government exceeding the original bounds of the Constitution. Our nation crumbles under widespread tyranny, burdensome regulation, and a swelling national debt.
We need students who aspire to be statesmen and leaders in this struggle for self-governance. If you are a student or a recent graduate, step up, sign your name among the leaders of American patriots, and apply to be a part of the Emerging Leaders Program.

Earn Experience Working Directly with One of Our National Team Members

Internship Positions

Internship Roles

- Operations 
- Technology 
- Communications 
- Social Media & Graphic Design 
- Writing 
- Legal

- Regional Director (Grassroots) 
- Grassroots Leadership 
- Block Walking Coordination (Grassroots) 
- Development/External Relations 
- Data Analysis  
- Legislative 

Holistic Development

You will undergo a discussion-based leadership course centered on Servant Leadership by Dave Kuhnert, among other readings. Led by the Intern Coordinator Jackson Allen and COS President Mark Meckler, you will learn how to integrate its teachings into your everyday life through weekly socratic webinars and conversations with national team members and high-profile supporters of our movement.

You will receive hands-on feedback and direction in order to improve your professional portfolio, including items such as your resume and cover letter. Part of your training will include a series of mock interviews from our national team members who have years of experience to equip you for a budding career.

Our program contains an all-expenses paid trip to our nation’s capital to dive into our history, enjoy one another’s company, meet influential leaders in politics, and participate in private classes on statesmanship, self-governance, rhetoric, and first principles. This educational opportunity will continue through the latter half of the internship with a series of case studies of numerous American statesmen. Ultimately, we hope to form a long-lasting relationship with you. While we pursue that friendship, we will endeavor to educate and serve you so you can go out and do the same for others.




Image by Kyle Mills

Meet the Coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Program

Jackson Allen

Jackson Allen is a former COS Intern who is passionate about educating young minds, building and equipping the next generation of servant leaders, and defending liberty in our country. 


Jackson has been active in this cause for years in Texas, Washington D.C., and around the country. 


At Convention of States, Jackson is the Coordinator for the Emerging Leaders Program and diligently works to further the cause of self-governance and civic duty. 


Jackson lives in the great state of Texas and is finishing his degree in Economics at Campbell University in North Carolina. Upon graduation, Jackson intends to follow his passion by pursuing a degree in law school. 


In life, Jackson aims "To serve the Lord as a catalyst to bring the Gospel, Liberty, Truth, and Justice to the lives of others

Meet the Assistant Coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Program

Reagan Green

Reagan grew up and still lives in Central TX, the greatest state in the Union! He has always had a deep respect for our nation's founding principles and Biblical heritage. Reagan received an excellent homeschooled education and went on to graduate in 2018 from Applied Life Leaders Academy in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since then, he has run the Media Department at Patriot Academy, producing products such as Biblical Citizenship in Modern America, Rick Green's Front Porch Live series, and many more. All products teach American citizens their rights, as well as the responsibilities that come with those rights. 


Reagan became aware of Convention of States through their partnership with Patriot Academy and now works as the Assistant Coordinator for the Emerging Leaders Program. 


Reagan's goals are to mentor and prepare the next generation of leaders to take up the torch of freedom and secure it for our children and their posterity.



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